27. Juli 2011

Cows - Kühe

I find cows always so calming.

Ich finde Kühe immer so beruhigend.

12 x 20cm, watercolour on fine paper, Aqaurell auf feinem Papier


  1. It seems that whatever you turn your hand to it is so successful. Ants, birds, portraits, skies, beaches, trees, still life and now cows! They look so realistic and indeed peaceful. I hope you had a lovely day out painting. I was painting the bathroom today. Thank you for the portrait link he is indeed a fantastic artist. Maybe I prefer less realism but I admire his skill very much.

  2. Thank you very much for your allround compliment. Unhappily, I had no day out painting with the cows. My basis was a photo by Claudia.
    For the portrait painter it's the same with me. His skills are great, but the subjects don't need to be mine O;-)