13. Juli 2011

Late Sun over Neuwerk - Späte Sonne über Neuwerk

Neuwerk is a very small island (but with a lighthouse built from 1300 to 1310) near Cuxhaven. You can walk there if there's low tide, but for the way back you have to take a ship.

Neuwerk ist eine sehr kleine Insel (aber mit Leuchtturm gebaut von 1300 bis 1310) vor Cuxhaven. Man kann dorthin laufen, wenn Ebbe ist, aber für den Weg zurück muss man ein Schiff nehmen.

 18 x 26cm, watercolour on paper, Aquarell auf Papier


  1. It looks like a snow scene under a dramatic sky. Your painting has an old world feel from painter's of the past. Have you bought anymore art books, did you get the tonal one?

  2. It's not snow, it's the reflecting sea. Old world feel - very interesting, never guessed that. I've ordered three books and they are already on the way to me. Buy, buy, buy...