21. August 2011

Eggs 6 - Eier 6

This time I tried one of these natural treasures in pastels.

Dieses mal habe mich an einem dieser natürlichen Schätze in Pastell versucht.

16 x 12cm, pastels on sanded paper (Sennelier), Pastell auf Sandpapier (Sennelier)


  1. At first I thought it was an oil painting Ulrike, but looking closer I can see the soft marks of a pastel work. Are you able to get the same colours in pastel as in the oils as the colours look very similar to your oil painting. Which colours are you using?

  2. I think I can get the same colours in pastel I use in oils. Is that so unusual? Hm, I've got different kinds of pastels, from Sennelier via Rembrandt to Faber and Schmincke. However, I mix them a lot O;-)