2. August 2011

Pochade 2 - Big used Brush - Großer gebrauchter Pinsel

Macpherson talks about the "Hour-A-Day-Challenge" for three months. That are nearly 100 paintings. Hey, come on, it's worth a try... two, three, ten, etc.. O:-)

Macpherson spricht von der "Eine-Stunde-am-Tag-Herausforderung" für drei Monate. Das sind ungefähr 100 bilder. Hey, los, das ist einen Versuch wert... zwei, drei, zehn etc.. O:-)

18 x 13cm, oil on canvas panel, Öl auf Leinwand-Paneel


  1. Um but now you will have to find more space for yet more tiny paintings! How about a nice still life or landscape to keep you occupied and learning too! One canvas for a month of work, learn the old master's how to paint like them perhaps. Big canvases!Nice to sell on.

  2. Keep cool! At the moment I'm able to find more time than one hour a day to paint. O;-) However, I've already painted some panels and canvases over anyway.
    I wish you happy cleaning and refurbishing O;-)