4. August 2011

Pochade 3 - 3 Plums - 3 Pflaumen

So many threes...

So viele Dreien...

13 x 18cm, oil on canvas panel, Öl auf Leinwand-Paneel


  1. The background is a little too dark for me. Are you building up the darks using transparent glazes like the old masters, like that the darks are less solid?

  2. Like the pears I wasn't happy with the photos of the plums. Also the roll has more colours than you see. Cameras are never good enough.
    I think I'll take a bigger painting for building up colours with glazes. I think it's more worth it in big O;-)

  3. You could also do a sample on perhaps a tiny canvas just to see how many layers of glaze you may need to do to create really dark luminous areas.

  4. Love your paintings, the simplicity of the subject matter and the way you bring the painting to life. Love the style and technique. I love visiting this page.