25. September 2011

Heather and Pine - Heide und Kiefern

You can also find this kind of landscape on the Danish island Fanoe. Unhappily, there were not just us in the pinewood. but also some hungry mosquitos.

Man kann auch diese Art von Landschaft auf der dänischen Insel Fanoe finden. Leider waren nicht nur wir im Kiefernwald, sondern auch einige hungrige Mücken.

23 x 30,5cm, pastel on sanded papier, Pastell auf Sandpapier


  1. It surprises me that this is a pastel, looked like an oil painting on first looking at it. This is a good size of work, most of all the work has atmosphere, you have captured the heart of the forest.

  2. You did a great job differentiating all those greens. Caroline is right - it does have the feel of an oil painting!

  3. This was a job for two days O;-) Perhaps I've read too much in Richard McKinleys book. Hm, must a pastel look like an pastel painting and not like an oil painting?