17. Oktober 2011

Leaves - Blätter (Sketch)

Here I've done a line drawing; just the form and the vains. It's an exercise to get the lines right.

Hier habe ich eine Linienzeichnung gemacht, nur die Form und die Adern. Das ist eine Übung, um die Linien richtig setzen zu kennen.

 A4, ink on drawing paper, Tinte auf Zeichenpapier


  1. What size pens are you using Ulrike? Looks like the veins could have done with finer nib.

  2. I've got just a Rotring Art Pen (EF) I had just cleaned before I started the maple leaf. Perhaps that's the reason why.... Thank you very much for the holiday photos, Caroline. I've went through that place with google streetview already. I looks great O:-)

  3. Hi Ulrike, it helps to have a variety of nibs, it could be you have used a slightly too thick a nib for this exercise. You and Louis would enjoy our holiday area very much and the cottage was a very reasonable price to stay in with a very nice large kitchen too.