6. Oktober 2011

Mini Lighthouse - Mini Leuchtturm

In this hut there is actually a light for the ships coming into the small harbour of Burghead, Scotland.

In dieser Hütte ist tatsächlich ein Licht für die Schiffe, die in den kleinen Hafen von Burghead, Schottland, kommen.

29,7 x 21cm, pencil on drawing paper, Bleistift auf Zeichenpaper


  1. Ah, but you have made this more beautiful than it is in reality! I like the way it is bathed in light and the shadows on the wall and edge of the lighthouse. I saw a very interesting lighthouse and windmill on holiday. I must sort my holiday photos out! I am working hard on my assignments and my sinus/cold is giving me trouble today so I try and rest to try and get rid of it!

  2. I hope you had a rest. Assignments can wait. Health is more important! O:-)