20. Oktober 2011

Muscheln - Seashells

This is one more work with ink. It's very interesting that you have to pay a lot of attention to the structure of the subject, perhaps more than of the values.

Dies ist eine weitere Arbeit mit Tinte. Es ist sehr interessant, dass man sehr auf die Struktur des Objekts achten muss, vielleicht mehr als auf die Tonwerte.

A4, ink on drawing paper, Tinte auf Zeichenpapier


  1. I like your little shells Ulrike. Very nice detail in these. Did you get to the art shop after all? My quill pens arrived today!

  2. Thank you O:-) Yes, I got a selection of nibs by Hiro Leonard. Some of them I like, some I don't. I got some india ink by Sennelier, too. Tomorrow, I'm stuck at home again. So, I can draw, draw and draw... O:-)