16. Januar 2013

The beginning of what? 1 (in Progress)

Because I'm quite mean with paint, I've put some of the remains on this long or broad canvas. Perhaps you've got an idea what this will become? O:-)

Weil ich ziemlich geizig mit Farbe bin, habe ich einige Reste auf diese lange oder breite Leinwand aufgebracht. Vielleicht habt ihr eine Idee, was dies werden soll? O:-)


  1. This looks to be a very grand size of painting Ulrike, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  2. Hello Caroline O:-)
    good to see you here! It is actually 40x120cm. Any guessing what it is going to be?

  3. Gigantic wow, yes a snow scene, ok I peeked!