29. August 2013

Exhibition 1 - Ausstellung 1

Here are some photos from the exhibition so that you can enjoy the setting of the paintings, if you are not able to see it yourself O:-)

Hier sind einige Fotos der Ausstellung, so dass man den Schauplatz der Bilder genießen kann, wenn man nicht in der Lage ist, ihn selbst zu sehen. O:-)

This is the water area. It's the medium where we come from and where we sometimes like to go.

Dies ist der Wasserbereich. Das ist das Medium, aus dem wir kommen und an dem wir manchmal gern Zeit verbringen.


  1. Those tiny paintings really look incredibly small Ulrike especially next to the long beach scene. A nice selection of paintings I especially like the long beach scenes with all the people on the sand. I received your card thank you!

  2. Oh, I should show this beach scene a bit bitter I guess O:-) Thank you!