28. Februar 2015

"Chocolate Lentils" - Schokolinsen

These smartie-like sweets are delicious if you like sweet chocolate with a crunchy smell and taste of peppermint. The chocolate is inside of course. Perhaps you know them anyway, but I couldn't find an English expression. If I translate the German word, "chocolate lentils" comes out although they don't have to do anything with lentils.

Ich denke, auf Deutsch muss ich zu diesen kleinen Sünden nichts sagen, oder?

4.5x8''/ 11,6x20,3cm, oil on 0.6'' MDF wood panel, Öl auf 1,6cm Holz-MDF-Paneel


  1. They do look like lentils(beans) :))

  2. I just found out that they are really called chocolate lentils.