13. April 2015

Not just Birds... - Nicht nur Vögel...

... but beings close to them... sometimes... you can find in the exhibition at the "Lilie", Hemmstraße 159, 28215 Bremen.

... sondern auch Wesen, die ihnen recht nahe sind... manchmal... kannst du in der Ausstellung in der "Lilie", Hemmstraße 159, 28215 Bremen finden.


  1. I like the frames for these paintings, that looks like the pussy cat who visits your garden and the woodpecker looks nice too, I can't make out the other bird! good luck on sales Ulrike. Greetings from Scotland.

  2. Yes, that's Spotty or in German Pünktchen. The bird on the right is a little owl. Greetings from Bremen!!!