24. Oktober 2011

Dunnottar Castle Wall

One more ink drawing full of structures that build the crumbling wall of a Scottish castle, where Oliver Cromwell had hidden the crown juwels a very long time ago...

Noch eine Tintenzeichnung voller Strukturen, die die bröckelnde Mauer der schottischen Burg bilden, wo Oliver Cromwell einmal vor langer Zeit die Kronjuwelen versteckt hatte...

DIN A4, ink on drawing paper, Tinte auf Zeichenpapier


  1. The detail in your pen drawing is quite beautiful. Are you using your quill and nibs for this and do you find the nibs better to work with? I am working with my new quill pen this evening, it is much nicer than the fiber pens as the line is more irregular. Also with more ink or less the line can vary.

  2. Thank you, Caroline. It was a sort of days work. I've used a nib for this, but after that I had black fingers and the ink on the nib on the ink has dried. It was difficult to clean.
    Which quill pen do you use?

  3. I use the Gilbet(I may have spelt that wrong) and it comes with different nibs. Did you rinse out the nib in hot water. I did and the ink soon went.

  4. Hm, so a quill pen is not a pen, but a nib with something to hold it. Am I right?

  5. Yes, but you can also get a quill pen with one nib only which is permanent and this is also called a quill pen. Have you tried to make a quill from a goose's feather?