1. Oktober 2011

Napping Man - Schlummernder Mann (Sketch)

I found this guy lying on the studio sofa and got pencil and paper out.

Ich fand diesen Kerl auf dem Ateliersofa liegend und holte Bleistift und Papier hervor.

29,7 x 40cm, pencil on drawing paper, Bleistift auf Zeichenpaper


  1. He looks like our friend Louis! I really like this line drawing, shows confidence in this medium. Waiting to hear about your new course material!!!

  2. This is already one of the exercises I have to do. Line drawing is quite new to me...

  3. I also have a line drawing exercise for my 'field study course' I am about to start mine! You did well at this exercise!

  4. I agree - your drawing looks very confident, especially as you picked such a difficult angle.
    I like it very much.