18. August 2013

Video: Opening Exhibition "Naturally Nature" - "Natürlich Natur"

Have a nice walk through it... O:-) The coming Thursday I'm there (KUNSTSCHAUfenster im Haven Hoeoevt, Zum Alten Speicher 1-3, 28757 Bremen) and will paint a still life there from 4:00 to 7:00pm. Feel free to come by to watch and ask questions O:-)

Viel Spaß beim Schauen... O:-) Am kommenden Donnerstag bin ich dort (KUNSTSCHAUfenster im Haven Höövt, Zum Alten Speicher 1-3, 28757 Bremen) and werde dort von 16:00 bis 19:00Uhr live ein Stillleben malen. Kommt gern vorbei zum Zuschauen und Fragenstellen. O:-)


  1. Lovely painting, the still life work is wonderful especially the pears, some nice frames too, very effective having black frames with the still life. Very much enjoyed the video thank you Louis.

  2. Wow, there you are again O:-) *happy* Indeed Louis has done a good job with it. Thank you so much. Greetings to Richard and the rabbit. O:-)